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Tackling Your Temptations.

Hey y’all! Today we have a special guest on the blog: Christella of ‘For the Praying Woman’.

1 Corinthians 10:13 says,

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Each and everyday we are tempted. Often by our environments and certain stimulus, but also by the desires of our own hearts.

Often times we do not even realize that we tempt ourselves into sin. We do not realize that we each have default settings for certain sins. We sin, we ask for forgiveness and we do it again. We all have a sin of choice. Something that we do that deep down we know is wrong but give ourselves to grace to get away with doing it. Which produces the likeliness of us doing it again.


Then we make excuses as to why we cannot seem to shake it. Failing to realize that we have made a deal with temptation. A deal that involves us overlooking sins attached to what we want, in other words the desires of our hearts.

We must understand that the will of God is not for us to be tempted into sin. The will of God in regards to temptation is to test our faith. When we give in to temptation it turns to sin and we are left feeling dead inside. Understand that God’s agenda will never leave you feeling dead inside. Sin will leave you dead inside. God wants us to turn from temptation allowing those dark desires we have to die. The bible says God tempts no man. The bible says we tempt ourselves with our own desires. Which is why God makes a way for us to resist temptation in any form.

This does not mean God swoops in and saves us in the midsts of sin. Instead it means He has given us the wisdom to know right from wrong as well as the choice to choose what is right. Does not mean it will be easy for us to recognize it but thats where our faith comes in. If we believe in God and what He wants for us over what we want we can see things clearly.


One of my sins of choice is pride. It is something many of us struggle with. I have so much pride in being independent. I feel so powerful doing things for myself. I never saw this as a problem until I realized it was a problem.

When I did not have a steady income for a few months I was borderline depressed. I could not do anything for myself like I had always loved to. It burdened me greatly having to ask for help and borrowing from my loved ones. Reading that last sentence out loud makes me realize how sin distorts our thinking.

Like can you believe I was so stubborn and so self righteous that I dreaded receiving help from the only people willing to help me?

I was tempted each and every day in those months. I had a ear choice ask for help or stick with my pride and don’t. I chose pride just because it made me feel justified. Just for the sake of being able to get everything done on my own without any help. I was tempted by my own desire to have it all together all by myself as if I didn’t serve a God who needed me to be dependent. I was conflicted daily. I did not even realize that it was killing me inside.

Then I found myself lacking the finances to do even the cheapest things. So I did what every christian does in times of despair, I got on my knees. Hoping that God would send me the financial break through I needed to get me back on track.

I never got that financial breakthrough y’all. So I had nothing but an attitude about it. So, now we have me, filled with all my pride mixed in with my now ungrateful attitude. Expecting something from someone who was expecting something from me.

I often wonder how many times I am waiting on God and instead He is waiting on me.

Instead of a check I received a verse. Over and over again I kept hearing “you do not have because you do not ask”. In sermon after sermon as well as reading it in my devotionals. This simple concept of asking for help in order to receive what I needed was so foreign to me because I had already made a deal with my pride that we were going to stick this one out.


That is until these moments kept presenting themselves for me to ask for help. I had to humble myself in order to receive both what God was giving me and what my loved ones would give me. I had to resist the temptation that came from my own desires.

It is something that we do not talk about often. The roads that our desires take us down are quite tempting and enticing to us. They lead us further from God and we do not even realize it. It is important for us to recognize what tempts us to sin. As well as what is our sin of choice and how does it manifest in our lives. We must grasp the concept that holding on to the selfish desires of our heart, does not reflect the righteousness of God.

We must flee from temptation not just the temptations we face in our environments but the temptations we hold in our hearts as well.



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