Hi! My name is Kayla and welcome to the blog for The Psalmist’s Passion!

My Writing Background:

I started writing when I was around ten years old. My earliest memory was writing down what I thought my mom thought of my friend and let’s just say, it wasn’t the *best* thing I could’ve written about her. Well, my friend found out. One day she was going through my backpack and found that crumpled ol’ piece of paper… It wasn’t my brightest moment, I’ll tell ya that.

I’ve been writing since. I like to pen lyrics though I rarely finish a song. I write poems and as of this year— I’m working on a book!

Writing is how I express myself and share things. In June 2017, ‘The Psalmist’s Passion’ was born. Starting this blog was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I’m grateful to be able to share the Good News through my writing.

The name itself has a message; it’s a nod to King David from the bible and his many poems.

What I write about:

Yes. I’ve never been the kind to readily identify with a group. I’m definitely not saying never, but as of now, I don’t have a niche. I write about what I feel. I write about what the Spirit teaches me. You’ll find a mish mosh of different things on this blog as I prefer to minister to whoever has ears to hear.

My vision:

Initially when I started this blog, I was thinking of ways to share the Gospel. I had no way to go on missions trips and no car to reach people in my city; I was at a loss and God just sort of dropped this idea in my lap like: “Hey… why don’t you share the Gospel through the internet?”

*ding, ding, ding!*

That was it!

So, one of the main themes you’ll see on here is justice. I won’t go too into detail, but you can read more about that here! ❤

What I really hope is that I can be a mouthpiece for God’s glory and showcase His love for all people. I hope you join me.

All the love xx

  • Kayla. ❤